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Toyota Prius C 2015 Navigation
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priročnikToyota Prius C 2015 Navigation
This manual explains the operation of the system. Please read this manual
carefully to ensure proper use. Keep this manual in your vehicle at all times.
The screen shots in this document and the actual screens of the system differ
depending on whether the functions and/or a contract existed and the map data
available at the time of producing this document.
Please be aware that the content of this manual may be different from the sys-
tem in some cases, such as when the system’s software is updated.
The Navigation System is one of the most technologically advanced vehicle ac-
cessories ever developed. The system receives satellite signals from the Global
Positioning System (GPS) operated by the U.S. Department of Defense. Using
these signals and other vehicle sensors, the system indicates your present po-
sition and assists in locating a desired destination.
The navigation system is designed to select efficient routes from your present
starting location to your destination. The system is also designed to direct you
to a destination that is unfamiliar to you in an efficient manner. The system uses
AISIN AW maps. The calculated routes may not be the shortest nor the least
traffic congested. Your own personal local knowledge or “short cut” may at
times be faster than the calculated routes.
The navigation system’s database includes Point of Interest categories to allow
you to easily select destinations such as restaurants and hotels. If a destination
is not in the database, you can enter the street address or a major intersection
close to it and the system will guide you there.
The system will provide both a visual map and audio instructions. The audio in-
structions will announce the distance remaining and the direction to turn in when
approaching an intersection. These voice instructions will help you keep your
eyes on the road and are timed to provide enough time to allow you to maneu-
ver, change lanes or slow down.
Please be aware that all current vehicle navigation systems have certain limita-
tions that may affect their ability to perform properly. The accuracy of the vehi-
cle’s position depends on satellite conditions, road configuration, vehicle
condition or other circumstances. For more information on the limitations of the
system, refer to page 250.



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Prius C 2015 Navigation
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